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Our name is a matter of pride, as are our history and origins


“Chicu” was the nickname of our Nonno Ernesto, the founder of the winery. He was known this way among people from the Langhe and Roero, reflecting the local tradition. It passed down from him to father Federico, to us and to our children, and still continues today to represent the new generations of the Faccenda family

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We have always been called Chicu, that is to say Chicco. From our grandfather Ernesto to our children, this is not only the name behind the history of our winery, it is more than that: it carries the affection, respect, friendship and belonging to the community of our own family.”

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“We were born and raised in the Roero area and we live in the heart of our own vineyards. It is an inspiration for us to love and respect the land, conducting viticulture in full respect of the environment.”
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By caring for the land, the vines and people who grow them, we have minimised treatments and ensured quality and safety with constant controls and residue analyses. We have installed solar panels on the roof of the cellar with a total capacity of 40 kW. The underground construction allows a constant temperature for the ageing of the wine, reducing the energy required to air-condition the rooms. The building complies with energy class A.

In order to preserve the biodiversity on the hillsides, we have purchased woods and hazel groves around our vineyards. The safeguard and care of green areas reduce the environmental impact of the farm and provide a habitat for small animals, birds and insects.
Most of the winery has been buried under the hill to respect the World Heritage landscape and limit land use.

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