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We have never been satisfied with just cultivating the land around the farmstead.

Some cellars represent a territory, others are the territory. For the last four generations, we have chosen every day to cultivate and vinify each grape variety in its most vocational area. A choice to enhance and express the potential of each terroir. To date, Cascina Chicco oversees more than 50 hectares of vineyards in the historical vineyards of Canale, Vezza d'Alba, Castellinaldo d'Alba, Barbaresco and Monforte d'Alba.


“There is a sort of glow in the vineyards at dusk, a vibration in the air. You can feel that it is a moment "different" from the others, a unique moment. Why do we love making wine? Because in each bottle we try to express that feeling, that sense of wonder.”

Enrico Faccenda


5000 square metres at a depth of 28 metres under the hill: our wine cellar combines technology and tradition, in a spectacular underground setting with exposed terracotta bricks and outcropping chalk crystals. A tribute to Roero and its outstanding wines.


Renovated to welcome wine tourists, our new tasting room captures the history of the winery. The marble countertop is the same one that Ernesto and Federico Faccenda used in the family delicatessen.


Siamo sempre felici di accogliere chi decide di venirci a trovare in cantina.
L’occasione commerciale si trasforma in un’esperienza, i nomi diventano volti e le bottiglie cominciano a raccontare la loro storia.
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