Nebbiolo d'Alba Mompissano


Variety of vine: 100% Nebbiolo


Vineyard position: Canale, Piedmont, Italy.

The hill, named Mompissano, has been completely cultivated with vineyards since the 1500s, and is the highest in altitude in all of Canale.

The position is south-west.

The Nebbiolo vineyard was planted by our grandfather in 1956, and continues to be tended and cultivated today.

The hill is very steep, so all work is done by hand.


Soil: Clayey-limestone with sand


Date of harvest: Beginning of October


Yield per hectare: 45 hl


Wine-making: In this vineyard, the yield per vine must not exceed 2 kg, so we practice double-clearing (at the beginning and end of August).

The grape harvest is manual and done with great attention and care, choosing the grapes in two periods 6-10 days apart.

The fermentation is done in stainless steel macerators to guarantee the correct skin and must contact and an adequate extraction of color.

After, the wine rests in tonneaux 12-15 months for the malolactic fermentation, and then is transferred to stainless steel casks.

The wine is bottled in August and October, entering the market two years after harvest.


Tasting notes: With a complex fragrance, this wine is aristocratic and elegant with notes of redcurrant, bilberry, liquorice and spice. In the mouth, silky and warming with soft tannins. It lasts long in the mouth and develops through mature fruit and vanilla.


Dishes: This big wine is perfect with roasts and aged cheeses.


Recommended serving temperature: 18° C.