We manage a viticulture
in full respect of the environment.


We were born and raised in Roero and we live in the middle of the vines on our property. This propels us to love and respect the land, managing a viticulture in full respect of the environment

Enrico e Marco Faccenda

In order to preserve the hills’ biodiversity, Cascina Chicco has acquired hazel trees and woods in the surroundings of the vineyards. The care and safeguarding of these green areas diminishes the universal carbon footprint of the winery and functions as an intact reserve for small animals, birds and beneficial insects. To avoid land consumption and disrespecting a landscape that is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the majority of the physical winery was built buried under the hill.

For Cascina Chicco, sustainability is an all-encompassing concept, that involves every aspect of the wine growing industry.

In the vineyard

Cascina Chicco adheres to the specifications of The Green Experience project


In full respect of the land, the vines, and the winery workers, Cascina Chicco decided to reduce treatments to only those that are indispensable. By performing consistent qualitative controls and residue analyses they assure the highest quality and safety. Cascina Chicco adheres to the specifications of The Green Experience project which guarantees to the consumer that the wines were made while conserving natural resources and protecting the environment of the hills. The specifications are no chemical weed killers applied, seeding between rows with green manure, fighting insects with organic/chemical free methods and lines of traceability and transparency.

In the winery

Solar panels on the roof of the cantina, for a total of 40kW, satisfy all the requirements.


The underground construction of the cellar allows a constant temperature for ageing wines, saving energy in temperature control technology. The entire structure is considered a Class A energy category.


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