We are proud of our roots


The Chiccos have always been called “Chicu”. From Nonno Ernesto to my children, this nickname has symbolized the history of our winery. But it signifies much more. It represents the affection, esteem, friendship and community that our family is a part of.

Enrico Faccenda

We are proud of our roots, our story, which begins with our name. It is a long-held tradition amongst the people of Roero and the Langhe to gift nicknames, whether friendly or strange, to members of the community as a way to identify them. Chicu was the nickname of our grandfather, Ernesto, the founder of the winery. This funny name passed down to our father, Federico, then to us and now to our children. Generations of the Faccenda family under one name.

The winery’s name was a choice to honor this nickname. Cascina Chicco remains as a testament to our history; a way to respect the traditions and work of our ancestors, but above all, a symbol of our deep connection and affection for this land.



The beginnings 

Ernesto Faccenda acquires the first hectare of land just a few steps from Canale, in the heart of Roero. Originally a butcher, specialized in cured meats, he recognized the potential for viticulture in an area that has long been dedicated to wine. He starts with producing Nebbiolo and Barbera d’Alba, which is sold in demijohns or as bulk wine. Besides wine, he grows peaches, local delicacies of the Roero hills.


The Chicco Farmhouse is restored. The cellars are expanded and the first vineyards in the most famous areas are acquired.  


The restructure



The second generation

The winery passes into the hands of Federico Faccenda, Ernesto’s son. Also a specialized butcher, he believes in the production of his father’s wine and begins bottling them under the family name. From him, the winery inherited a mentality of attention to detail and a love for making high-quality products capable of satisfying, even before the customers, the expectation of those who make it. Maddalena, Federico’s wife, with patience and dedication helps her husband in the store, allowing him to consolidate and promote the wines of Cascina Chicco.


Enrico and Marco, Federico’s sons, enroll at the Oenological School of Alba. Since the end of their studies they have been involved with the family winery.


The third generation



Enhancing roero

As the family business modernizes in structure and technology, the fine tuning of purchases is made in the most prestigious zones of Roero. It is in this period that Cascina Chicco acquires plots in Vezza d’Alba (Valmaggiore), Castellinaldo (Granera Alta, Bric Loira) and Castagnito. The search for vineyards goes hand in hand with the study of the best varieties of vines to be planted.


Enrico and Marco Faccenda’s energy and desire to experiment gave rise to the first vinification of solely nebbiolo using Metodo Classico. In 2001, the Cuvée Zero project was born and is now one of the winery’s flagship labels.


The shades of nebbiolo



The Crus of Monforte

In 2006, they acquired 6 hectares of vineyards within the ‘Ginestra’ and Rocche di Castelletto Menzione Giografica Aggiuntivi in Monforte d’Alba. The Barolo Rocche di Castelletto and the Barolo Riserva Ginestra labels are made from these vineyards.


Construction on the new underground cellar, as well as the adjacent chapel commissioned by Federico Faccenda, is completed.  


The New Cellar



From Canale to the world

More vineyards are continuously acquired to expand operations and Cascina Chicco continues to grow in strength on the international market. Winery tours and customized tastings have become an integral activity within the winery, extending our philosophy of winemaking to a broader audience and allowing them to truly experience the varieties, nuances and terroirs of Roero and the Langhe.

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