We did not allow ourselves to be content with planting a few hectares around our house and growing just the varieties in demand on the market. No, we went in search for the best pieces of land that would give us the highest quality grapes for those areas: Arneis in Canale, Barbera in Castellinaldo, Nebbiolo in Vezza and Castagnito.


Having passion for the land is not enough. It takes study, courage, and a pinch of daring to obtain perfection in the bottle. With meticulous historical research and the love we have always felt for the Roero and its wines, we discovered the plots that best express character, uniqueness, and inimitability in the wines.


We did not allow ourselves to settle. With the passing of time and the strong success of our company, we have bought the best land in the Roero, and we studied which varieties in which contexts would best express the land's terroir.


"Typicity" is the word of choice. Our vines extend from Canale to Castellinadlo, from Vezza d'Alba to Castagnito. We know that not all land is suitable for making the same wine, and the Roero deserves to be communicated in all of its nuances, territory by territory, vineyard by vineyard.