People have always called us "Chicu," without any apparent reason or particular etymology. My great-grandfather's family was the first to be called "the Chicus" in the friendly country way we have of interchanging a place name with the last name of a person. Wherever my father and grandfather went, they were called "Chicu." I'm called "Chicu," as well. And my children, as they grow up, are beginning to be known as the "sons of Chicu."

Enrico and Marco Faccenda, owners Cascina Chicco


We are proud of our roots and our history, beginning with our very name. As often happens in the Langhe and Roero, being a large family we were given a friendly nickname in a gesture of affection and companionship.

It's a nickname, but it is something more: it is the voice of past generations whispering to us through the years, bringing the traditions and actions of our ancestors to us today. For this reason, we chose to name our company Cascina Chicco because it ties us to the identity of the place where we were born and grew up. We chose it in respect for the past and with courage to look towards the future.