People have always called us "Chicu," without any apparent reason or particular etymology. My great-grandfather's family was the first to be called "the Chicus" in the friendly country way we have of interchanging a place name with the last name of a person. Wherever my father and grandfather went, they were called "Chicu." I'm called "Chicu," as well. And my children, as they grow up, are beginning to be known as the "sons of Chicu." 

We did not allow ourselves to be content with planting a few hectares around our house and growing just the varieties in demand on the market. No, we went in search for the best pieces of land that would give us the highest quality grapes for those areas: Arneis in Canale, Barbera in Castellinaldo, Nebbiolo in Vezza and Castagnito. 

We were born and grew up in the Roero, and we live in the middle of the vineyards on our property. We naturally love and respect our territory and cultivate the vineyards with full respect of the environment. 

My father, who owned a farm and a delicatessen, told us to dedicate ourselves to one thing only. "Otherwise it's too much work, even during the holidays," he said. So we chose one thing, making wine. We work seven days of the week, 365 days of the year in the vineyards and cellar.