Roero Arneis Anterisio


Variety of vine: 100% Arneis

Vineyard position: Canale, Piedmont, Italy. Anterisio is a little zone of Canale with a very rich history. It’s named as one of the most important places for the cultivation of the Arneis.

Soil: Clayey-limestone

Date of harvest: Middle of September

Yield per hectare: 55 hl

Wine-making: After evaluating the sugar and acidity levels to determine the optimal harvesting period, the harvested grapes rest for one night in a refrigerator cell at 0°-2° C. The pressing is done the day after. The maceration is done between skin and must, an interesting choice for a white wine, which gives the wine much fragrance, structure and longevity. Temperatures are kept cold in all the operations in order to maintain the color. The wine then rests only in stainless steel casks, and is bottled in March.

Tasting notes: The taste is intense and persistent, with fragrant apricot and apple scents, then final notes of camomile and spice. In the mouth, it is sapid and harmonious with good structure.

Dishes: This wine is recommended with hors d’oeuvre, rice, pasta and fish.

Recommended serving temperature: 12-13° C.