Langhe Favorita


Variety of vine: 100% Favorita


Vineyard position: Vezza d’Alba, Piedmont, Italy

Subzone of Valmaggiore. The name recalls how the grape and its wines were one of the favorites of the royal courts of the Roero.

The grape variety, in fact, is the same as the Vermentino grape and arrived in the Roero area along the olive oil and salt routes.

The vineyards are south-east facing with an average age of 25 years.


Soil: Sandy


Time of harvest: mid-September


Yield per hectare: 60 hl


Wine-making: After evaluating the best period of harvest for optimum sugar and acidity levels, the grapes are harvested and left to rest for one night. Crushing is done the next morning in a refrigerated cell kept at 0°-2° C.

The maceration is done between skin and must, an interesting choice for a white wine, which gives the wine much fragrance, structure and longevity.

Temperatures are kept cold in all the operations in order to maintain the color.

For the rest of the vinification, the wine rests exclusively in stainless steel tanks and is bottled in March.


Tasting notes:  The aroma is delicate and has notes of citrus, linden, and exotic fruits. In the mouth it is fresh and elegant with a final note of hay.


Dishes: This wine is excellent with both cold and hot appetizers, every type of fish, and crustaceans.


Recommended serving temperature: 10-12° C.