Metodo Classico Extra Brut Cuvèe Zero rosé




Date of harvest: Mid- to late August

Wine-making: After a gentle cold pressing post-harvest, the wine undergoes its first fermentation, during which the characteristics of the vine variety are exalted. Following the fermentation, the wine must age for 6-8 months in steel before being bottled for the second fermentation. The wine begins to develop perlage at this stage, resting at a constant temperature of 14°C.It is then aged for 30-36 months in the bottle resting on its lees at 12°-13°C, zero dosage.

Tasting notes: Its light rosè color recalls the blush of onion peel. The perlage is fine and persistent. The aroma is characteristic of Nebbiolo, with raspberry, violet, and bread crust. In the mouth it’s dry, persistent, and fresh.

Dishes: It’s the ideal wine for an aperitif, marinated or raw fish, steak tartare, and crustacean soup.

Recommended serving temperature: 6°- 8°C.