Barolo Riserva Ginestra


Variety: 100% Nebbiolo


Vineyard position: Ginestra is located in the township of Monforte d’Alba - Piedmont - Italy.

Southwest and western exposure. Zone is particularly well-suited and known for producing great wines; in 1800, Fantini noted it was a land capable of producing Barolo wines of “a superior excellence.”


Soil: Clayey-calcareous


Time of harvest: First half of October


Wine-making: In this vineyard, yield per vine does not exceed 1 kg, so the vines undergo two thinnings, one at the beginning of August and one at the end of the month. Harvest is done by hand by vineyard workers who are specialized in the work.

After crushing, alcoholic fermentation is carried out for about 15 days in small, stainless steel tanks with repeated pump-overs for adequate color extraction. Maceration continues after fermentation for a total period of 40-45 days. Then, the wine ages in oak barrels for at least 40 months before it is transferred to stainless steel tanks and then the bottle. After about seven years from the harvest date, the wine is ready to enter to market.


Tasting notes: An elegant and very pleasing wine to the nose and to the palate, it is persistant with its smoothness and good, tight tannins. Very long finish. Such a drinkable wine that it can be paired with almost any dish.


Recommended serving temperature: 18° C.