A complex and wonderful zone



The Roero is a land both complex and wonderful, a beautiful fresco of a landscape that change from hill to hill, vineyard to vineyard. The territory is over 500 Km² and includes twenty-four townships northeast of Cuneo, spanning the southern border of the Turin province to the western edge of the Asti province. Its name comes from the ancient, noble Ròtari family, also known as Roero, whose house in Asti once had an enormous property.


The land, formed about 250,000 years ago, was originally a high plains area submerged by the sea and composed of sand, limestone, and loose rocks. Over the course of centuries, erosion caused by the Tanaro River and other atmospheric elements created the unique formation of the Rocche


The Rocche ("Rocks") are deep, picturesque gorges and badlands over which the territory's villages, towers, and castles were constructed.

The oceanic legacy can still be seen today in shells and fossils that are scattered over the land and visible in the exposed Rocks.


Because of the protection afforded by the Apennine Mountain range of Liguria in the south and the Alpine mountains to the west, the microclimate of the Roero is characterized by hot summers, medium precipitation, and sea breezes: an ideal environment for grape vines. Documents from the Ancient Romans also attest to wine making in the area, proof that this land has always had high quality wine production.