We offer guided tastings and winery tours every day of the week from 9.00am to 6.00pm upon reservation. We speak French and English, but do not hesitate to contact us for any requests, information or needs. The multimedia room in the tasting area can accommodate events, conferences and meetings.




1. The nuances of Nebbiolo

It is without doubt the most eclectic Piedmont varietal, and the one which most reflects its terroir of provenance. We will discover the fresh, creamy agreeableness of

Spumante Zero Dosage, the elegance of Roero and the powerfulness of Barolo in a uniquely focused experience for real Nebbiolo lovers!


Tasting wines:


Metodo Classico Extra Brut Cuvée Zero (zero dosage)

Nebbiolo d'Alba Mompissano  2015

Roero Riserva Valmaggiore 2013

Barolo Rocche di Castelletto 2013


Roero: the elegance of the terroir 

The identity of Roero expressed by four wines, in an imaginary journey along the left bank of the Tanaro river. Focus in this discovery of a terroir for which Cascina Chicco is proud to be a spokesperson is not just on the elegant Nebbiolo tannins, but also on typicity of Barbera di Castellinaldo and the uniqueness of the Arneis.


Tasting wines:


Roero Arneis Anterisio 2016

Barbera d'Alba Granera Alta 2016

Roero Montespinato 2015

Roero Riserva Valmaggiore 2013


Cascina Chicco’s historic crus

This tasting aims to underscore the importance of the cru for Cascina Chicco, which has always sought the best varietal expression in the vineyards of Langa and Roero. From the very first vineyards chosen by Cascina Chicco (Anterisio and Mompissano in Canale) to the latest renowned acquisition (Ginestra in Monforte), you will discover the added value that a cru always offers.


Tasting wines:


Roero Arneis Anterisio 2016

Barbera d'Alba Bric Loira 2015

Roero Riserva Valmaggiore 2013

Barolo Riserva Ginestra 2010


Flashback: the 2000’s

How do you feel about boarding the time machine and going back at least 10 years? Let us take you by the hand and lead you through this exceptional experience of intense emotions and incredible feelings (with a special surprise at the end!).


Tasting wines:


Barbera d'Alba Bric Loira 2003

Nebbiolo d'Alba Mompissano 2008

Roero Riserva Valmaggiore 2001

Barolo Rocche di Castelletto 2004

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