We have constructed a new and efficient wine cellar where every bottle is correctly aged and carefully placed.



After the recent enlargement and rennovations the winery has undergone, we wanted to create a unique and welcoming wine cellar that was a tribute to the Roero and its great wines through its efficient technology and advanced vinification system.


The new wine cellar is completely excavated in the hill under the old farmhouse: with full respect for the landscape, this underground level extends for over 1800 square meters and reaches the hill center at 28 meters under the vineyards.


The floorplan was designed by local architects and designers. It is divided into a labyrinth of barrel rooms, aging rooms, corridors for storage and wine racks, and niches of crutin and infernot excavated into bare rock for conserving Riserve wines and historical vintages.


Even the walls speak to us of the land. The bare brick and stone come in part from the old farmstead that once stood beside the main Cascina Chicco, and in part from veins of gypsum from nearby our vineyards in Castellinaldo.


At the center of the wine cellar is the heart and soul of the project: the incredible Sala della Ruota, or Wheel Room. It is a huge dodecagonal room topped with a cupola and a dozen arches, and its pavement is designed with the wheel of the Roero, the symbol of the lords who ruled these lands in the Middle Ages and later.


In 2007, Cascina Chicco constructed a spacious tasting area over the wine cellar. We welcome guests, give tastings, and hold exclusive events in two large salons that we have just recently opened. The tasting area is equipped with a kitchen and multimedia installation for audio and video tracks, making it well-suited for conferences, parties, and other events. .